Barren, But It’s Okay

An accurate word, I feel, to describe the content of the past month.

Barren of writing.

I haven’t even particularly considered writing a blog post. It’s come to my mind every now and again, “you really should write on the blog”.

But that’s okay.

There isn’t really much to report.

I passed my first MA assignment, barely. Admittedly I was aiming for a better score yet all I actually need to do for the first and second assignment is do just that, pass. It has absolutely no bearing on my final grade.

On reflection, this experience has been a classic case of holding too high of an expectation of myself. Not having written any academic writing since 2014, I wasn’t exactly going to jump right back into it. Although, I did complete those assignment at a MA level. I’m also highly aware that my first mark will be lower, with the idea is that you continue to develop your academic writing, critical thinking skills etc. and gradually improve with each assignment.

Nevertheless, I passed and that’s the important part. Now onto the next assignment which is deemed the most challenging due to the complex terminology, concepts and rules that need to be adhered to. In general, it’s the proposal; stating the intended aims, methodology, data collection methods, justifying it all, clarifying ethical issues etc. 

In other news, I haven’t even stepped foot in the gym since the last blog post. 

But that’s okay.

I simply have not had the oomph, the mojo, the motivation. I’ve spent a lot of time focusing on me but in other ways.

I’ve enjoyed going for solo walks on Saturday mornings, completing puzzles, focusing on assignments (I know it’s ‘work’ but I enjoy learning new things), taking part in short yoga practices – for example.

The fluffy one struggled to understand that she could not sit on the puzzle!

I think the ‘takeaway’ from this blog is that it is okay not to be fulfilling all of the things you want to fulfil, spinning all of the plates. Sometimes you plain and simply can’t, don’t have the motivation or focus on other things.

It’s okay.


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  1. Maria O'Sullivan says:

    We can’t do it all, Leonie. If you’re getting something out of it and just getting through, that’s okay.. Love ‘Auntie Em’ xxx.

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