The assignment is gone, done, outta here!

I’m really pleased with how it turned out. At the end, when I had coined my closing sentence I genuinely gesticulated to it, just like Mr Bean.


Now that the first part of dissertation is complete, I can learn from my mistakes and start the second part earlier thus allowing me to achieve a slightly healthier work/life balance. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t slave over it weekends on the trot. I just could have done it a bit better. The next section isn’t due in until the end of January, so after having a week or so away from it – I’ll make a start next weekend.

I know I spoke about finishing my assignment last blog post, but since then I went through a final (another) edit then submitted. Anticipating results at the end of November.


One of my goals for this month is to develop a commit able gym routine. I’ve really enjoyed the new gym, the range of equipment is at least double if not triple the previous gym. It’s all well and good going but there needs to be a routine. A goal.

For a while I’ve wanted to get back into running. Ideally, I want to hammer a quicker 5K time but in my current physical condition that isn’t happening. Any running progress I made earlier in the year is well and truly gone so it’s almost like starting from scratch.

The end goal is just to run 5K. It sounds so simple, it’s ridiculous.

I’m going to go right back to the beginning and start off easy, build the routine and then work on the stamina and strength. Within six to eight weeks, hello 5K.

* Just a quick note, more so to let you know. When I previewed this blog post, it literally made me laugh out loud. I love how the GIF turns out large on the left side of the page!





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