October Notes


Let’s start off by recapping the one goal for the month that I never shared with anyone – smooth:

  • Complete my research literature review, with good time so I can edit.
  1. Achieved. I actually finished the first draft on Tuesday just gone. This left me plenty of time edit where necessary and submit something I was happy with. It took me sometime to get back into academic writing, there’s a certain tone you need to hit. I look forward to receiving my results in November and moving on towards my methodology.



Mid-month, myself plus my mum and sister (maid of honour!) ventured to a wedding fayre. This was a larger event than the one I attend in August. Initially, it started out as overwhelming – again. I think I’ve pinpointed a little as to why I get this feeling. I don’t particularly enjoy the ‘pushy, salesman’ like nature of exhibitors. If I tell you I have a cake maker/I’m not getting married in the country – I have no real care for what you’re saying. Please just accept this and leave me be.

Thankfully this feeling soon settled down. The event was a lovely opportunity to enjoy some of the wedding build up with my close family plus gain some potential ideas for when we actually start booking. Mentally, we’re tentatively planning but because the wedding isn’t until 2021 – we can’t really book anything yet.


At the end of the month we attended a lovely wedding, our first in far too long. Without going into too much detail, it was a beautiful day. It was also a useful research ‘trip’ in order to gain ideas regarding our wedding!


We’ve changed gyms!

After considering it for a few months, we finally made the jump. Our new gym is open 24/7 and has a wider variety of fitness equipment. Sadly, we lose the pool/steam/sauna and spa but I suppose you cannot have everything. On the plus it will save us an extra £20 per month.

* I only ever seem to take feet shots at gyms. Most definitely not the type to take gym selfies!

November Goals:

  • Begin Christmas shopping
  • Develop and start a commit-able gym routine



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