Disclaimer: I lied about when the marathon ballot results would be released, they came a week later than I anticipated.


No points to you if you guessed the outcome.

Admittedly, it’s a feeling I have semi-struggled with. In my heart of hearts, come January to April, I genuinely will not have the time to commit to training. To commit to recovery as well. With my Masters dissertation in full flow, the task of spinning multiple plates at once just became that little bit harder.

But I want to feel that excitement of build up.

I cannot explain how much of an addictive feeling that is. To be part of such a huge and varied community. It may sound ludicrous, but the idea of not being a part of that makes me very upset.

My time will come again, I will make it so.


Refreshing the blog design made me realise I never updated on how my goals for September went;

  1. I managed to stay on track for five days. The less that is said the better.
  2. ‘Scroll Free September’ had a lot more success. I kept to my goals with relative ease. At work, the internet connection is so poor that social media isn’t really much of an option. Not browsing my phone before bed time was fine. Although I switched to read alot of news. Comme ci comme ça.


After many weeks of ‘off putting’, taking gym gear to work but never quite getting there. I took the plunge and finally done it.

A short run, followed by a leg session and yoga stretch out.

It felt nice. It felt good.

Small baby steps.



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