September Notes


Notes (plural)

a short piece of writing

a short explanation or an extra piece of information


This blog is in the middle of an evolution. Once focused on fitness and running, it now is barely littered with the idea. It feels like more of a space of expression. I don’t quite know why but I just like to do it. I think the ability to express yourself, semi-freely (as much as you can in my profession) does a good job of maintaining balance and well being.

I maybe talking complete s***. But you know those annoying filler episodes in the series you watch?

Welcome to this weeks filler episode.

For the first time this year, I made the pilgrimage to where we scattered Dad’s ashes. I wanted to pay the area a visit on the anniversary of Dad’s passing, but the weather made it a complete no-go. Previous years, I’ve visited many a time so it made me feel sad that this was the first time I actually went. The need to go has been fleeting. Surely a sign that time continues to march on, wounds have apparently ‘healed’.

That’s a lie, that wound will never quite heal. It will get to the part where it scabs. The scab is nearly ready to come off but ends up coming away prematurely. Reopening the old wound.

Not the prettiest of analogies. It may just fit the subject.

For once we actually walked further than our usual route. One day I’ll do the full trip round, uncovering all of the little streams that wind through the area. Making their way to the tidal channel.

Mid-month we had a road trip to Cambridge. I have a few memories of Cambridge which are special. Punting on the Cam is definitely one of those. Admittedly, we backed out of punting ourselves – the river was incredibly busy. Being complete novices, I’m sure we would have repeated history and punted (?) straight into some nettles.

Cambridge is how the world sees England. Stereotypical, quintessentially English.

On our way back from punting, we floated by a couple who had been married earlier in the day. The setting of Kings College was incredibly imposing and striking. That style of wedding is definitely something that I would go for, not so much the other half.


I am definitely in need of some vitamin c – I’ve been so ill across the month. Severe eye infection, heavy cold followed by bacterial laryngitis. I’ll be happy when I am healthy again.

  • I had this blog all penned and ready to publish, but I just never hit the publish button so sorry that this is late!

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  1. Ꮐreat blog you’ve g᧐t here.. It’s hard tօ find excellent ѡriting like yours nowadays.

    I seriously apprеciate people like yoᥙ! Take care!!


    1. l242k says:

      That’s such a lovely comment, thank you! 🙂


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