So once again, I temporarily disappeared from the blogging hemisphere. I had full intentions of writing last weekend, as we were due to try out kickboxing but had to side step that during the week. Instead of blogging aimlessly, I didn’t blog at all.

It’s fine.

This week though, we did try kickboxing and I’ve personally been reflecting on my London marathon journey – more of that coming up.

Kickboxing. Slightly random but off the back of being inspired by some pupils before the summer holidays – we finally tried it. Admittedly I was very anxious before going. If I was going on my own, I probably wouldn’t have gone at all. Of course, I didn’t need to be so anxious.

The hour session itself consisted of a range of cardio, body weight exercises interspersed with kickboxing drills. The cardio side was no sweat (no pun intended), even though exercise hasn’t exactly been on my radar recently. The muscular side of it, a little more tricky, especially the core work. My core hasn’t felt that much on fire in a long time. The drill/skill based part was enjoyable as well, the other members were so friendly in giving me little hints and tips as to how to jab and respond to punches.

I never promised this would be a technical analysis.

The one part I loathed was the fact I said ‘sorry’ a lot. No-ones fault in the slightest. I don’t enjoy being a complete novice, I don’t enjoy impeding someones physical activity. I don’t want them to have to pause to show me a skill, or go a little easier because I don’t respond back enough to punches and kicks. When someone goes to stirke the kick bag, you need to give a little something back or else the bag is going straight into you.

If the shoe was on the other foot, and it has been, I would have been slightly narked that I wasn’t able to go full throttle into something because another participant couldn’t.

That’s just me.

Will I go back?

I would love to. On recommendations and feelings in the future, my joints on the other hand say no. Sparring or no sparring, it’s a contact sport. More so than football, which ironically is meant to be a non-contact sport…

I do question whether I should limit myself due to the hypermobility. Do I need to remind myself what ‘damage’ training and completing the London Marathon has done to my joints.

Now, speaking of the London Marathon, it occurred to me today that in just over a week we’ll find out if either of us got through the ballot. Back in the summer I ended up re-reading parts of the blog in the run up to the marathon and cried. The whole build up is still nothing like I can describe. Being part of a community, all joined with essentially one goal and many other side goals e.g. fundraising, beating a time.

“But what about the ‘damage’ you’ve just spoken about?”

Yessssss, I know. But I’m a glutton for punishment and that marathon feeling is highly addictive. If I do get in via the ballot, I’ll have to squeeze that in alongside working full time as a teacher, completing a leadership apprenticeship and writing a dissertation. Not forgetting that life needs to fit into that equation, somehow.

Not trying to count my chickens, but I know that time management and organisation is one of my strengths. Yes, there would be difficult times. You just gotta deal with them. What you deal with and how is the important part.

Here is where I get a little bit of my geek on. I was introduced to this concept before the summer break and revisited it in greater depth during a recent assignment.

Low and behold, the four quadrants of time management based upon Stephen Covey’s model.


The premise is simple; what is the distinction between what is important and what is urgent? How often are you asked to complete tasks which you feel have no importance or need for urgency? How often to you prioritise matters over those which you don’t want to do?

Each of the quadrants suggest how you should manage the matter, with the second quadrant being the most fickle to conquer. What is important, but not urgent? When do I do it?

I completely detract from the originally train of thought.

Marathon training + full time work + apprenticeship + dissertation + life = cluster fu** of a few months.

You never know, I may just be considering the impossible. If I don’t get in, I don’t even need to worry about this scenario.


I do enjoy a good marathon throwback.

Cropped out of the photo is my smiley mug, wearing sunglasses which hid the streams of tears as I lined up to start the marathon. That amount of emotion I felt in those final seconds before the start was genuinely breathtaking.

In amongst everything I experienced that day, I had completely forgotten about this moment.



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