Cloudy With A Chance Of Vision

Ah this week. The final week of the summer holidays. The last chance to enjoy freedom before going back to work.

‘And what did you do?’

I spent a majority of time going between hospitals and moping in my own illness. Some of the hospital trips were fine and completely necessary. My own trip wasn’t welcome. Long story short; I’ve had an eye infection since mid-week and on Friday my vision became completely clouded. There was a visible cloud over my eye, so on the recommendation from the doctors, off to A&E I went. Passed from one department back to another: in A&E, out of A&E and back into A&E. ‘You’ll need to go x hospital with the eye unit’.

Eventually I was seen, sorted, sent away with different antibiotics and assured the clouding would disappear with the infection. Imagine someone holding tracing paper over your eye – just like that. The low point was definitely having all of the blinds shut, huddling under a duvet, wearing sunglasses in the dark as my eyes were so sensitive to light.

It was blazing sunshine outside.

So safe to say, exercise hasn’t been on the cards. But it’s okay.

Reflecting on the summer holidays, I feel like I’ve achieved quite a lot. First and foremost, hallway decoration is (nearly) complete. Still need to hang a few photos and put up the coat rack – minor stuff. I’ve binged watched anime, got outdoors through exercising and days out, walked alpacas, gone kayaking, completed my assignments, started my literature review, had duvet days, caught up with family and friends, eaten a little too much, pampered myself, tended to the garden etc.

I would liked to have enjoyed a beach day, got back to the piano, done some reading to name a few – but as I said, it’s okay. I’ve thoroughly recharged my batteries, enjoyed and taken care of myself.

Speaking of taking care of yourself, interestingly, yesterday morning I saw a friend on social media share this: Scroll Free September.

As you can probably guess – the idea is to consider your relationship with social media and gain a better balance in your social media relationship. It’s well proven how social media can affect mental health and wellbeing. The Royal Society for Public Health is fully aware that not everyone can go ‘cold turkey’ and have created a range of plans to suit all. So whether you want to dive in or just dip your toe – it can all have a positive effect. Building a more balanced relationship with social media and gaining control back in your life.

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Personally I’ll be aiming for the ‘busy bee’ and ‘sleeping dog’. I don’t necessarily spend hours in bed scrolling through social media but I know it can cause a loss of connection and affect sleep.

Back at the beginning of August, I went to go completely cold turkey from social media. I was fed up with seeing certain things, being so connected to certain people – it was actually upsetting. I deleted my social media apps (all two, so much social media *sarcasm*). I didn’t manage to go cold turkey, but I still haven’t re-downloaded the facebook app. Instead I can only access facebook through a browser so I don’t gravitate to scrolling through it so much. Baby steps.

In addition to connecting back with the world around and myself, I’m going to be taking part in Yoga With Adriene’s ‘Connect’ yoga calendar. As I said the other week, yoga just doesn’t feel like it used to – I feel stiff, rigid. With going back to work blues and this time of year being a difficult time, it’s all about looking after yourself.


Affect or effect? I tried so hard to make sure I was using the correct word but I’m still not certain I managed to do so. I’ve got a degree in English and I teach but still can’t get my head around it.




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