Decorating Alpacas


The title may be guilty of slight clickbait, let’s add ‘and’ to that sentence: Decorating and Alpacas.

The decorating is finally over!

My fiance had a few days off last week so we worked so hard across three days to hang the lining paper and paint all of the walls. It isn’t perfect, but it looks 100% better than what it did. I don’t feel embarrassed welcoming people into our home. We worked so well as a team, especially when it came to tackling the tallest part of the stairs – you know the part where the height between the ceiling and staircase is at its tallest? The part where, if you went over the banister, bones will be broken? To be fair, the height didn’t bother me and stretching over the banister and the expanse to reach the wall wasn’t too bad either. My other half was there to keep a hold and an eye on me and we got it done.

I’ve also completed the other small bits e.g. tidying up any small painting mistakes, putting up the photo frames, washing the carpets. All we need to do is put up one more picture frame, add the flooring trim to the laminate and varnish the wood.


We finally went on the alpaca trek we booked for my birthday. I have appreciated llamas and alpacas for years. Our first valentines day, he bought me a super fluffy llama cuddly toy which I still have to this day.

The alpaca trek did not disappoint.

Say hello to Hershey and Brighton Boy (BB)!



Hershey, is the mature pack leader. BB was the naughty food whore. He never stopped eating even going to the point of running ahead of Hershey towards the trek leader and shoving his face into her carrot bag. Yes, he could even undo the zip. At times, I felt like I almost had to drag him as he would just stand their and eat. All day. He was even a pickle when going to the toilet. He went and then deliberate stayed there, pretending he was going to go again.

After our trek, we went to see the girls and their crias. The girls aren’t as good for trekking, especially when they have young. Oh, the crias were so adorable – I was definitely in my happy place.

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More importantly this week, I’ve come to the realisation that I can’t burn the candle at both ends. I can’t seriously spend 6, 7, 8 hours decorating and then expect myself to do some form of exercise. Instead, I spent a lot of time doing yoga – reconnect with myself. I can feel such a difference in my body. Poses felt a little bit harder to reach than I remember. My left hip has still been giving me some jip, as a result I’m having to click them to release any tension and mild discomfort.

I NEED to get back to the gym. I NEED to build up the muscles around the effected areas.

I have always found exercise a great way to get rid of any joint pain – primarily because the muscles support the joints more and make up for the weakened ligaments and tendons. I try to avoid taking any painkillers for it, unless they’re feeling exceptionally bad. Over the next few days, I’m going to create a regime which will allow me to still do the exercise I want: football, running etc. and also work on improving my joints at the gym. Yes, that strange land I haven’t visited for longer than I care to admit…


I’ve finally managed to display some of my marathon memorabilia and it takes pride of place on our photo wall in the hallway.



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