Recharging The Batteries


Let’s be honest: I had an entirely different blog post lined up but at this moment in time, I’m not quite ready to discuss it so openly with everyone. It’s related to my Dad and it is that wonderful time of the year when the anniversary of his passing is creeping up.

It’ll come, I promise.

So let’s talk about the week. Week two of the summer holidays has just left the building. Did I mention I’m really enjoying my time off? In between decorating, it’s just been nice to catch up with friends and family, binge watching anime series and taking the time to do what I want. Recharging the batteries however you see fit.

At this time of writing, all we’re waiting for in the hallway is for us to hang the lining paper so we can paint the walls. Wallpaper, including the tricky part at the top of the stairs, removed. First coat of gloss on all of the wood and the ceiling is painted.

We’re leaving the handrail and base rail as they are. Masking up and painting the balustrades was single-handedly the most mind numbing thing I have done in a while.

In other news, I ended up in Rochester catching up with a friend. I love Rochester. I spend a lot of my time looking up and taking in the historic intricacies of the buildings. We visited a little place called ‘The Six Poor Travellers House’ on spontaneity. Essentially it’s a tudor charity house founded by an Elizabethan MP that, you guessed it, could house six poor travellers. It continued to do so right up until the second world war. Arguably its most famous resident was Charles Dickens, who then went onto write ‘The Seven Poor Travellers’.

If I’m honest, it was just nice to do something a little different and visit somewhere, no matter how small, that you had no idea previously existed.


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Mon: Rest

Tues: 30 min run. Just a little run around town as I wanted to stretch my legs. My hips didn’t particularly appreciate it though…

Weds: Rest

Thurs: Gym. This flopped spectacularly. You know the run I done on Tuesday? I was still feeling the disagreement with my hips. I also had a nap. A two hour nap.

Fri: Football. Apparently my top speed was 23.5 mph… go home Garmin, you’re drunk.


Sat: Yoga. Somehow I’ve managed to pull both my hamstrings, it hurts so much.

Sun: Rest

Slowly getting back into the rhythm of exercise. Enjoying exercising outdoors too much to truly consider going to the gym. Nothing like throwing money down the drain, eh?



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