Back Once Again

This week saw my return to my first sporting love, football and ‘proper’ running. Two months of hip injury, four months of marathon training. I’ve waited very patiently to return and my goodness was it amazing to get back into it.

I originally started playing football when I was younger, probably around eight – just very casually in the garden with my brother. By ten, I was the only girl on the school football team. Somewhere at my parents house I have a team photo and I’m slap bang in the middle. The only girl, the only one wearing glasses, looking slightly pudgy as kids do when they’re just about to hit a growth spurt. The glasses didn’t last too long, I was very fortunate. My parents bought and allowed me to wear contact lenses but just for sport as I played so much.

Being the only girl wasn’t particularly easy at times. We entered a few tournaments against other local schools. I’ve had Dads of the other boy footballers scream at me to get off the pitch. Snigger and laugh when I made a mistake. Question why a girl was on the pitch. This wasn’t just parents from other teams, this came from my own. My own Dad wasn’t particularly impressed, to say the least.

Fortunately with secondary school came the joy of girls only teams and finding local girls teams outside of school. That’s where I flourished and found my forte. League matches, cup matches, tournaments, presentations, winning leagues, medals, trophies. My parents came to see every match and tournament. I have so many amazing memories, thanks to football. Now that Dad is gone, I treasure these so much more.

So what happened? I played for around 10 years then abruptly had to stop thanks to a injury in my wrist, odd as that sounds. Long story short and after a long winded process, it turned out that I had torn the cartilage in my wrist and I needed it play the piano as I was about to embark on a music degree. It was only until just over a year ago, I found out about a veterans football group in a different city, took the step and joined. It all just naturally flooded back. I thoroughly enjoy playing and playing casually. Next weekend I’m playing my first tournament since coming back to football. Tournament days are the best days! Have you thought about joining a ‘proper’ team? I’ve been asked several times to join a Sunday league team but to be honest, I’m just not interested in committing right now.

Monday | Rest | Rest ✔

Tuesday | HIIT + legs/core | Added a 3% incline to the treadmill sprints, it was a killer to the point I could only manage 8 rounds. ✔

Wednesday | Rest | ✔

Thursday | HIIT + arms/core | Had to miss due to an appointment.

Friday | Football | Yaaaaaaas! ✔

Saturday | Rest | Decided to go for a 5k run in the morning as I knew I wasn’t going to get to the gym tomorrow.

Sunday | Rest | ✔

This little pickle made it very hard to get out of bed on Saturday!

I tossed and turned between swimming, cycling, running or doing nothing Saturday morning. I had guilt of not getting to the gym on Thursday and knowing I wasn’t going to get a chance on Sunday. Running was the demon I opted for. A surprisingly fairly easy 5k after the previous evenings football session. Whacked it out in one of my better times. Is this my sprint work paying off?


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